The Karoo from a Khoikhoi word possibly garo “desert” is a semi desert natural region of South Africa. No exact definition of what constitutes the Karoo is available, so its extent is also not precisely defined. The Karoo is partly defined by its topography, geology and climate, and above all, its low rainfall, arid air, cloudless skies, and extremes of heat and cold. The Karoo formed an almost impenetrable barrier to the interior from Cape Town, and the early adventurers, explorers, hunters, and travelers on the way to the Highveld unanimously denounced it as a frightening place of great heat, great frosts, great floods, and great droughts.


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What’s a trip to a nature reserve without an exhilarating Game Drive? Being able to witness some of the earth’s most beautiful creatures in their natural habitat is one of the most wonderful experiences a person can have!

Most of us look forward to enjoying as many Game Drives as possible on our trip to a Game Reserve in order to see as much as possible! Whether it’s the icy morning drives looking for signs of the previous night’s animal activity, a midday drive looking out for the gathering at the watering hole or a beautiful sunset drive waiting for the wildlife to stir and come out of their hiding for a bit of fun, game drives are a MUST DO!

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