Life is simple. Eat, sleep and fly

4 Trek Adventures as a Team Building Facilitator will help your group to view themselves as members of interdependent teams instead of individual workers. This may involve motivational presentations and appropriate group activities.

4 Trek Adventures believe having fun provides people with opportunities to enjoy themselves and learn a variety of skills let alone bring everyone closer together.

The 4 Trek Adventures Fly Inn’s are not based on training but as a team building. This will create and opportunity for Flight Training Institutions to take the students (PPL and/or CPL) staff and instructors to an adventurous day outing.

We provide the opportunity to visit luxury game lodges with landing strip and or airfields (Airports).

4 Trek Adventures will entertain all with a breakfast and/or lunch and a game drive of two and half to three hours.

During the breakfast and/or lunch a short educational presentation will be done with aviation related topics by aviation related specialists (e.g. Medical Certification).


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