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How do we recover?

During these uncertain times that we face, not only as a country, but as a continent, there are those who work tirelessly to keep our society together. There are those who keep us healthy, those who keep us safe and who are committed to keeping food on our tables for our families, regardless of the current situation during the Pandemic.

This is a situation that we all need to respect, especially the tough situations that hamper the Tourism industry. Travelling in Africa was always seen as an adventure, family fun or better known as a Safari. But during this difficult time one thought keeps on bugging me!


So perhaps we need to change our minds and think the same as “Midweek Campers”.  Midweek Campers are mostly seen as pensioners, but don’t be surprised if you find out about the clever young couples, singles and groups that use theseawesome opportunities. Especially during these difficult times. Good enough? It is not rocket science, therefore explore some guidelines from 4Trek Adventures. 

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”

4TREK Adventures would like you to now think the same as a connoisseur. Yes, be selective! And now you need to be picky! 

The biggest dilemma is:  which Bush Camp to choose and in which Nature Reserve or National Park. For a moment thinkthe same as a game ranger: 

“Drive past the bush with the impala standing at the water’s edge, over the quiet gravel road and through the fields, culminating in a short stretch along the singletrack road that leads up to a welcoming little hut, campsite or mountain cottage”

“A real break and opportunity to escape people, cities and most of all Covid-19. If there are no people surely there are no risks

These evenings in pursuit of the bush, stargazing and the roar of lions, are just the reset that we all crave for from our hectic city lives. But is it possible, especially now? The answer to the question is inside every individual.

Without going far or spending much money, you can find yourself a million kilometres away from everyday life – but still close enough to be back in time for the week’s required duties.

Mind you don’t take the first opportunity to get to the bush!  

Instead take the approach of being in a day-dream haze, enjoying the view of mountains by your side, listening to lions roaring and enjoying taking photos.  This is the place to clear your head as the wind blows by. Yes, it is rustic, but it is splendid! Controversially, you expect the big five; but here you will find the means for less. Uniqueness is definitely the main reason for a visit to a location as rural and secure as this. A visit to this nature of campsite, cottage or hut is not only a teaser, but a distinct and selective opportunity of a lifetime. And then, having the hills with a magnificent view, whilst being very secluded and being so close to the Eagle’s Nest; that’s where calmness hits you on arrival!

This is one of our secrets and remains a secret to the people who are willing to experience it!! 

Only 4Trek Adventure visitors will be able to reminisce theexperience of a mountain bush bar with its endless Bushveldviews. 

Is this the opinion of only 4trek Adventures? Let us see what other people have to say about travelling and The Tourist Industry.

As indicated by https://www.ifc.org   South Africa’s Tourism Industry

Many tourism sector businesses will not survive; others are adapting the best they can. For most tourism businesses in South Africa—from hotels and lodges to guides and transport firms—a   global tourism shutdown has dried up revenues for the foreseeable future, though fixed costs remain.  How do we recover? 

Well, 4 Trek Adventures suggests that we start with a change of mind.

My Business, my Lodge, my Hotel – as usual, everybody for themselves. This is the time to take hands – no not physically,but mentally. The Tourism and Travel industries can only survive if they stand together. So let me explain the myth behind this madness.

I see a potential lodge to partner with.  A business partnership is when two commercial entities form an alliance, which may either be a really loose relationship where both entities retain their independence and are at liberty to form more partnerships or an exclusive contract which limits the two companies to only that one relationship. In this case we always go for the latter as an option – a really loose relationship where both entities retain their independence.

Therefore, this means that we work together in the sense of business, advertise on each other’s webpages with relevant references. The most important factor is to ensure that we look after each other, pertaining to means of income and expenses. The agreement will be that I pay you your fees and you pay me mine, but we need to make it worthwhile and that is the catch. 

It will be necessary to work out a package that suits both parties, ensuring that the package negotiation includes the period, liabilities and financial implications related to each other, yet every entity shall still be liable for their own expenses. Therefore, it is similar to a contract, yet not a partnership contract! Do not be afraid to contact your competition with a suggestion. It may be a pleasant experience for both parties to work together and learn from each other. We need to establish requirements from our partners and inform them about our needs. We need to fill the gaps of each other –  I have the equipment to set up and you have the facility, which may be the ideal opportunity for bothparties.

Everybody wants their piece of the cake! Therefore, let usbegin now to join hands in the industry and combine our assets, minds, staff and knowledge together for a better chance of survival in the current situation during thisPandemic.

Travel after Lock Down

All the questions:

1- How soon after lockdown will be safe to travel?
2- How long before people visit South Africa’s awesome nature reserves and parks?

KZN Midlands

CNN Report as follows after China Lockdown.

Hong Kong (CNN)Large numbers of people flocked to popular tourists sites and major cities across China over the country’s holiday weekend, despite warnings from health authorities that the risk posed by the coronavirus pandemic remains far from over.Images from the Huangshan mountain park in Anhui province on Saturday April 4 showed thousands of people crammed together, many wearing face masks, eager to experience the great outdoors after months of travel restrictions and strict lockdown measures. Such was the rush to get into the popular tourist spot, that at 7.48 a.m., authorities took the unusual step of issuing a notice declaring that the park had reached its 20,000 person daily capacity, and would not be accepting any more visitors, according to state media Global Times.

Meanwhile in Shanghai, the famous Bund waterfront was once again packed with shoppers and tourists, after weeks of being near deserted. Many of the city’s restaurants that were shuttered only days ago also appeared to be doing a brisk trade, with several requiring reservations to enter.

.A similar story played out in the capital Beijing, with locals flocking to the city’s parks and open spaces.

Visitors pack Anhui province’s Huangshan mountain park on April 4, exceeding the visitor limit of 20,000
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