4 Trek Adventures creates an opportunity for bikers who want to get away for a few days, breathe the fresh air, sleep under the stars and enjoy and easy light trip.

Motorcycle Trips

Motorcycle riding and camping are very popular under many when it comes to experiencing nature. 4 Trek Adventures create an opportunity for bikers who want to get away for a few days. Breathe the fresh air around them and sleep under the stars. 4 Trek motorcycle camping is your answer. This style of camping is perfect because of all the added benefits provided by 4 Trek Adventures.

Some benefits provided.

1.    Accommodation in 4 Trek Adventures tented facilities.

2.    All food included.

3.    Excited routes properly planed with GPS Coordinates.

4.    Amble information on view points, fuel stops, restrooms ect.

5.    Group riding.

6.    No need ride with all your gear attached (4 Trek Adventures transport all your luggage from pick up /drop off points in Johannesburg/Pretoria – Free)

7.     No need to invest in some additional equipment.

8.       Relax and enjoy the journey!!

The Trips

Like most trips, you start with planning what routes you’ll take ahead of time.

4 Trek Adventures plan all routes (even on request of the customer per group) 4 Trek Adventures take care of all the reservation, and book them ahead of time. The total distance of your route will be provided after the completion of your registration/booking for a designated trip. As the trip gets closer, 4 Trek Adventures will check on the weather in the areas you’ll be riding and camping and update the information on a daily basis. 

It’s super important to understand and know how to maintain your motorcycle on the road. 4 Trek Adventures will always support their customers but do not render recovery or back up mechanical support during this trips. Before you hit the road, complete a thorough inspection of your bike so you can take care of or anticipate maintenance while you’re away. 

Packing List

·         Clothes

·         Rain Suite

·         Towel

·         Toiletries

·         Some trips you will be allowed to take your own coolerbox with drinks.

Riding a motorcycle for long periods of time takes a different toll on your body and requires more energy than driving a car. Comfort is one of the critical considerations to having a happy and healthy motorcycle camping experience. This is the reason for the pickup/drop off points in Gauteng where you will be able to drop your luggage for the weekend. On your arrival at the camp you will receive your luggage. You will hand over your luggage after the trip and 4 Trek Adventures will gladly transport it back to the same drop off/ pickup point in Gauteng. This will provide you with an opportunity to travel light and enjoy the open road on your way to the designated camping facility.

It’s not the destination, but the journey. 4 Trek Adventures provide information, tips and advice on and guides through some of the best and worst places in Africa to take your motorcycle. We look at places to stay, what to see, interesting roads, what to pack, costs of tolls and possible bypass routes (Tar and gravel), and anything that is important for the perfect 4 trek Adventures motorcycle trip.

4 Trek Adventures Trips Available.

1.    Waterberg Adventure Route – 200 km gravel route through mountain passes with astonishing views.  

Waterberg Route

2.    Malute Mountain Adventures Route  180km of tar in the Malute Mountains. (Off Road route available in the mountains on request) – Groups 8 – 16)

Maluti Route

3.   Lesotho Sani Pass – Ixopo, Bulwer, Underburg, Himeville, Sani Pass, Fort Notthingham

4.   Panorama route – Sabie, Pelgrims, Graskop, Blyde River

Panorama Route

5.   Kalahari Adventure-  Kuruman, Van Zyl’s Rus, Askam, Upinton.

6.   “The Old Transkei Border Route” – Rhodes, Tiffendell, Naudesnek Pass, Philipsrus, Maclear.


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