From 1 hour to 3 hour trials at various destinations. The fun on a quad never ends.

The options are endless:

  1. Fun around town (Pretoria)
    • This will same you lots of travel time with more time to enjoy and have fun. Although you in the city you will still have the opportunity to experience a bush quad ride. (Pretoria)
    • There are a variety of packages to suit all energy levels, time constraints and skill levels for some dusty roads. (Johannesburg)
  2. Bushveld Fun
    • This bushveld fun ride will take you in the wild, see all the game and relaxed on your own game drive with a quad.
    • Rated as one of the best Safari Quad bike trails in the country, 4 Trek Adventures offers a Unique quad biking experience filled with adventure and unforgettable game viewing.
      • (More that one Options Available)
  3. Mountain Fun
    • This Mountain Fun ride take you trough streams, hills and will leave you breathless with the most beautiful views.
    • Depending on your energy levels, you can choose between half-hour, one-hour or two-hour tours hosted by experienced guides that negotiate a variety of obstacles. Halfway through the ride, you will pause for drinks and your guide will share some historical information about the town. You also have the option to ride as a passenger on someone else’s bike if you don’t feel up for too much of a challenge.
      • (More that one Options Available)
  4. Sand and Dune fun.
    • Three-hour breakfast trips are available, which include a two hour quad bike ride and an hour-long breakfast in the heart of the desert. For a desert lunch experience combined with the exploration of the famous Dunes five hour tours are available, where incredible dunes and breathtaking scenery complement the once-in-a-lifetime lunch that is enjoyed on top of the highest dune in the area.

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